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Paper filter

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Paper Filter

Paper Filter

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Organ paint filter paper
Product features:
- paint adsorption ability.
Had no mobile phenomenon.
- the most appropriate inertial separation.
Had good continuous flow stability, air flow, so as to ensure better spraying conditions and better surface quality control, spraying higher quality.
- static stability.
- only regular replacement filter paper products, make spray life longer, change, easy to use, save the production time, improve the production efficiency.
- filtration efficiency as high as 98.1%.
- use recyclable materials.
- product heat resistance of 240 ℃ above, potential fire risk small.
- waterproof material production, have certain waterproof ability.
The application range:
Pieces suitable for filtering flow of solid or liquid particles, such as: paint; Polyester adhesive; Asphalt (asphalt); Plastic; Asphalt coating; Iron Christopher long; Epoxy resin; PFM; Dye; Precision ceramic; The air is dry porcelain; Oil; Liquefaction workpiece; Glass raw material; Varnish, etc.
Pieces are widely used in A, wood, furniture coating; B, automobile coating; C, hardware coating; D, painting room and so on spray paint filter.
Product advantage:
▼ can reduce overspray and reduce cost, easy maintenance, is the ideal green environmental protection paint spraying equipment;
▼ environmental protection dry spray room equipment less investment, low operating cost, simple operation, no secondary pollution, high efficient and reliable fire solutions, let customers worry-free. Is a kind of cater for future development, simple and high efficiency, energy saving, safety, environmental protection coating the modernization of the new concept.
▼ dry spray with specific humidity type spray more advantages, so more and more get the favour of coating industry, and with the development of economy, the national environmental protection requirements of more and more is also high, believe that through the continuous improvement and perfection, dry spray will in the coating production to be more widely used.
Product features:
- equipment low cost, more need not use other wastewater treatment equipment:
Such as a L2.4 M × W2.2 M × H2.2 M drencher spray, its cost about 18000 yuan, but the same size in dry spray, cause price only 09000 or so, than water screen spray save cost about 50%. If plus don't waste water treatment plant, the savings is very obvious.
Had to fan of wind pressure to reduce, general wet spray fan air pressure peak demand in 1600 Pa around (if no pump spray), and dry spray fan air pressure is in commonly 300 ~ 500 Pa can.
- waste paint cleaning is very convenient:
For wet spray, waste paint slag cleaning work is very troublesome, working a lot. Whether clear vortex coil, cleaning air water separator, or cleaning nozzle, are really take a lot of work and effort. And dry spray cleaning work is very convenient, need to use the original filter paper tear down, replace the new filter paper can, general 1 person, half an hour can be complete. And change of waste slag containing paint filter material through the burning can processing, or by paint supplier recovery processing, very convenient.
- can save water:
Wet spray the water general 3 ~ 5 days or a week or a replacement, this to the north some water shortage area speaking, also increased some difficulties. Dry spray can be complete without water, avoid the difficulties. Because of dry spray has these advantages, so it is more and more widely used. Especially in the north area of water is to use dry spray.
- maintenance simple:
Because of its operation principle is simple, as long as basically to fan timing maintenance to ensure that long-term use can
- shape design to positive velocity distribution, positive speed: 0.25 m ~ 1 m/s.
The air had weak resistance, filter the biggest effect.