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Notes on export fumigation of wood products (Australia)

Notes on export fumigation of wood products (Australia)

Recently, Australia's inspection and quarantine bureau (AQIS issued a notice, notify the against with impermeable surface coverage or packaging products of methyl bromide fumigation processing requirements, cause is AQIS in recent port inspection found that the methyl bromide is often used with impermeable surface covering fumigation processing products, the most common mistake usage is used in an airtight plastic bag for packing of wooden products, such as handicrafts and furniture fumigation processing.

AQIS officials remind relevant enterprises that bromomethane has a strong fumigation effect and can kill all kinds of harmful organisms efficiently and extensively, but it is effective only when used correctly. When there is an impermeable surface, bromomethane fumigation cannot solve the quarantine problem.The notice refers to "non-permeable surfaces", including coatings, paints, veneers and other coatings that do not meet the inspection and quarantine bureau's standards for packaging and piercing, as well as plastics, tar, waxed paper or aluminum foil.

China has become the Australia's largest trading partner and import source, Australia as a block is not fully mining and huge potential of emerging markets is causing for export, domestic dealers to fully grasp the opportunity, ", but also to disperse barriers to Europe and the United States and other developed countries more and more stringent risk and alleviate the impact of export markets shrink.The safety of packaging is directly related to the smooth entry of China's goods into the importing country, but whether the packaging needs to be strict also depends on the product, such as wood products, which need fumigation, which is too strict, but affects the fumigation effect.For this reason, the inspection and quarantine bureau reminds that when exporting to Australia, enterprises should operate in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of inspection and quarantine, or conduct bromomethane treatment before using impermeable surface covering/packaging.Or adopt other alternative treatment methods, so as to avoid causing the loss of late arrival and return of goods.

In view of the above problems, my suggestion is that there should be a certain number of holes in the packaging of all wood products. Otherwise, the customs of Australia at the port of destination should assume that the smoke you smoke in China will not go in when you smoke in China.


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