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How long does it take to get there by sea in Australia?

How long does it take to get there by sea in Australia?

Australia is Australia. It is the only country in the world that covers the whole continent.Australia is close to the sea on all sides, with a developed shipping industry and a coastline of 36,735 kilometers. It has 97 ports.The closest distance between China and the Australian mainland is about 2,400 kilometers. The fastest container shipping route from China to Australia takes 11 days.

Australia shipping to door mainly refers to the logistics OFITGROUP shipping from China to Australia, Australian customs clearance and the delivery of goods to the destination of this series of actions.
Australian shipping to port: 11 days.
Australian customs clearance: 5-7 days.
Delivery to door: 3-7 days.
Limitation on shipping to Australia: 11 days for shipping to Sydney + 5-7 days for customs clearance + 3-7 days for dispatch, approximately 19-25 days.
Australian import GST= (value of goods + sea freight (20USD/CBM)+ insurance + tariff) *10%
Tariff = tax rate (5-10%, 5% for general goods) * value of goods
Note: customs duty is exempted for goods less than 1000AUD.
Information required for shipping to Australia: the shipper only needs to provide the list of goods and the information of the sender (both commercial and personal items are acceptable).
The shipping to door price of Australia is transparent, and Australia only needs to pay the import GST tax, tariff and customs system fee of 70AUD.
1. The products or packages exported to Australia contain wood ingredients, which must be subject to quarantine fumigation;Australia has adopted extremely strict quarantine measures on imported plants and plant products. All forest products must be subject to quarantine fumigation and fumigation at the request of the Australian side in the exporting countries and accompanied by an official fumigation certificate before clearance.
2. From January 1, 2017, all imported Australian goods must be provided with the correct 6-digit commodity code for each kind of goods.
3. Customs clearance documents generally include: packing list in English, invoice in English, packing statement, fumigation certificate (if any), sino-australian certificate, etc.
The transportation in Australia is very convenient, especially in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. You can choose the transportation according to your own needs.
China is Australia's largest trading partner and Australia's largest export destination and source of imports.In 2016, Australia exported goods and services worth 93 billion Australian dollars to China, while Australia imported 62.1 billion Australian dollars from China.China mainly exports home appliances, computers, clothing, textiles, shoes, bags and toys to Australia.
In 2015, China and Australia signed the free trade agreement, and products of each side accounting for 85.4% of the export trade will be subject to zero tariffs immediately upon the entry into force of the agreement. In the later period, duty-free products will gradually increase, effectively promoting the development of bilateral trade between China and Australia.


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